Fashion Studies


Fashion education has never been more fashionable.

From basic block cutting to the smallest finishing details on a garment, this course will lead the way through the essential stages of garment concept and construction. I will introduce the students to the world of pattern cutting, draping on a dress form as well as ways to breathe life into a flat design drawing in order to achieve a three-dimensional garment. Basic sewing techniques will be used to create darts, sleeves, necklines and pockets to add style and variation to a design. The breadth of the subject will be punctuated by some historic costume lessons and an introduction to haute couture.

I hope this class will awaken your child’s interests and inspire them to create the perfect silhouette and a beautiful, final piece.

This class is designed for teens and tweens that already know how to sew but want a more in-depth experience. This pilot program is scheduled for Thursday evenings in August from 6-9PM. ( August 8, 15, 22 and 29) $300; all supplies included. 

Fall enrollment update! Because of the fantastic interest in this program, I am listing as a Friday evening class for ages 10 and up.

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This is an overview of what I plan to cover:

• Fashion Illustration Techniques; Including Fashion Flats, Mood Boards and Croqui Development

• Beginning Conceptual Design

• Collection Development

• Apparel Sewing Techniques

• Garment Construction

• Beginning Flat Pattern & Garment Draping on a half-scale form

• Introduction to Textile Identification and Design

Your child will leave with:

Portfolio of Seam and Seam Finish Samples

A working Textile Identification Book complete with swatches

Portfolio of Sketch and Designs including Flat sketches, illustrations, repeat designs and mood boards

Plus a finished garment with process photos