I've been obsessed with fashion and sewing since I was a young child. I would save up money and beg my mother to drive me to a fabric store that had just the right trim to complete the vision of whatever I had come up with. I know the history of the petticoat and I get excited about all of the different types of cashmere.

As a very small girl of four years old, I began to learn to sew.  My grandmother always had an array of projects she was working on and happy to have me next to her. I spent hours making clothes and elaborate furnishings for my dolls, Barbies and myself!  My grandmother owned a plant nursery and would sell dolls and crafts that she and her friends had made in the shop.  Occasionally she let me sell my things as well.  

As I grew, so did my sewing interest and ability. I spent one year studying Fashion Design in college then transferred to a small college closer to home and majored in Art History, with a concentration on the History of Costume through portraiture, because they did not have a fashion program. However, they did have a fantastic theater department. I found use for my sewing skills in the theater department’s costume shop. When I couldn’t find the right pattern, I would make one from existing garments. After college, I had a line of women’s clothing, then accessories that I designed, manufactured, and sold in boutiques. Later, I designed and made custom wedding gowns and veils.

Who knew that only years later, would I be able to synthesize those experiences by opening Little Stitch Studio. Little Stitch Studio is a fun space for kids, teens and adults to learn sewing and design techniques.  It is a place where people can connect with each other, discover new things and create something beautiful. I teach weekly classes, as well as camps, parties and workshops.  It is the perfect place for little designers to get inspired and feel empowered.

 Please send me an email if you are interested in learning more.  hilarie@littlestitchstudionorfolk.com

XO, Hilarie