After School Classes

We all have ideas that we want to bring to life. Whether it’s an item of clothing, a stuffed animal or a bag—there is an alchemy that occurs when ideas go from ‘thought’ to ‘thing’. And that’s a truly special moment.

At Little Stitch Studio, we love being at the intersection of ideas and finished projects. No matter what your vision is, Little Stitch Studio offers all the tools and support you need to make your idea a reality.

My sewing classes provide a creative learning program centered around fashion design and sewing. I believe hands-on learning is critical to successful development of a technical skill. Sewing is both an art form and a skill. As such, It encourages thinking in new and different ways. By allowing children to think differently, this helps them hone their creative problem solving skills.

Children are incredibly savvy and in tune with the world around them. They are also very bold in their creativity! Each day, I have kids bursting into class eager to learn and bring their ideas to life. While most projects take a few weeks to complete, we will occasionally break up the time with a quick bit of crafting magic.  Beyond sewing, the children learn about the creative process and how to choose projects as a group. Sewing is a skill and takes time to develop.  Because of the time and planning involved, it is a great way to teach kids to delay instant gratification and to be deliberate and thoughtful in their choices.

At Little Stitch Studio, classes are kept very small to ensure lots of one-on-one individual attention. Each student works to their ability and at a pace that is comfortable for them. The classroom is set up to encourage a good work flow for design, cutting, and sewing- but also to learn, inspire and share.

If you think your child might be interested in joining the fun, please give me a call or email.