In my bright and sunny class space, there are bolts of fabric, baskets of yarn, jars of beads, trims and pompoms abound.  I want to inspire children and have created this space where the kids can walk in and connect with each other, discover new things and create something beautiful.


I teach sewing skills and techniques that build self confidence so that these crafty kiddos can go out and make whatever they dream up.  Kids today are so aware of what is going on in fashion and design, in a way that we weren't even a generation ago.  Ten year olds come and tell me all of the time that they want to make something that they saw on Pinterest or Instagram.  I encourage them to experiment and to express themselves creatively.   In my opinion, the chances of success are greater when they love the project and materials that they have chosen.  

Little Stitch Studio is located in the Historic Ghent section of Norfolk, VA just off Colley Avenue.