I've been obsessed with fashion and sewing since I was young. 

As a very small child, I began to learn to sew.  My grandmother always had an array of projects she was working on and happy to have me next to her. I spent hours making clothes and elaborate furnishings for my dolls, Barbies and myself!  My grandmother owned a plant nursery and would sell dolls and crafts that she and her friends had made in the shop.  Occasionally she let me sell my things as well.  

As I grew, so did my sewing interest and ability.  In college, I found use for my sewing skills in the theater department's costume shop. When I couldnt find the right pattern, I would intuitively make my own from existing garments. After college, I had a line of women's clothing and accessories that I designed, manufactured, and sold in boutiques.  Later, I designed wedding gowns and veils.

Now I have a couple of kids who love to make things.  They want to learn how to make everything, and I found that many of their friends do too.  Their interests and inclinations spoke to me.  As more and more kids asked to come over and sew with us, creating Little Stitch Studio seemed a natural progression.  

 I offer a fun space for children to learn sewing and design techniques.  The studio is loaded with fabric and trims for the kids to really go for it and express themselves creatively.  Projects are based on the interest and skill level of the kids.  Kids are so innately visual and know what they like.  In my opinion, the chances of success are greater when they love the project and materials that they have chosen.

 Please send me an email if you are interested in enrolling in one of my classes.  hilarie@littlestitchstudionorfolk.com

XO, Hilarie